N E X T   S H O W


F O R E S T I V A L   2 0 2 4
[ Group exhibition ]

June 15 – 23, 2024

Lahnstein, GER

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L O O K   I N T O   M Y   I C E

[ Group exhibition ]

July 5 August 18, 2024

Tartu, EST

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I C E   D I A M O N D S

[ Intervention in public space ]

July 12 14, 2024

Iceland, IS

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     T I À O   T I À O   W À ™

About handling of living animals

This work deals with the often very playful treatment of live animals in our society.



Hopping frog game

To express this feeling, the well-known children's game „Hopping Frog“ was modified. Instead of flicking twelve plastic frogs into a bowl as usual, you now have to let twelve live frogs hop into the bowl provided. All animals used for this work are live frogs, which were colored alive by human hands.


Pot | Ø 25 × H 7 cm     
Hangzhou, CN | 2011     





A bowl full of frogs is the goal of this simple and always fun frog hopping game. Who can flick the most frogs into the bowl? Just tap the frog's back and it will jump. Fingertip feeling and skill are needed to make sure it lands in the bowl. Unpack, start playing and have fun [...]!“*

* Original description by:
Simba Toys