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F O R E S T I V A L   2 0 2 4
[ Group exhibition ]

June 15 – 23, 2024

Lahnstein, GER

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L O O K   I N T O   M Y   I C E

[ Group exhibition ]

July 5 August 18, 2024

Tartu, EST

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I C E   D I A M O N D S

[ Intervention in public space ]

July 12 14, 2024

Iceland, IS

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     R E - | K O N S T R U I E R T E   W E L T | E N

Parts of nature are temporarily used as an art habitat

This project is an artistic exploration of the theme of 'nature'. The focus is on the construction of our environment through human intervention. How much artificiality is there in it? To illustrate this artistically, the natural (nature) was confronted with the artificial (art).



Aquarium made of ice

A fish, a plant, stones and water were taken from a river situation I found. Five crystal clear ice plates were made from part of the river water, which were then put together like glass plates of an aquarium. The ice container, made only of river water, was then filled with the remaining river water and fitted with the stones, the plant and the fish, creating an ordinary aquarium situation.

Finally, the ice aquarium with all its contents was placed at the exact spot at the bottom of the river from which all the materials (parts) used had been previously taken. The natural (nature) was confronted with the artificial (the aquarium) for a temporary moment. The dissolution of the ice aquarium questions the situation found before and after the intervention.

Intervention in public space     
Aquarium | 45 × 30 × 30 cm     
Fuchunjiangzhen, CN | 2008     




The intervention in the public space was documented on video. The video shows the entire melting process of the aquarium made of ice in "nature". It was presented for the first time on January 28, at the Art University Linz.

48 min| AVCHD     
© Copyright | 2009     

Special thanks to:
Zhou Zhuocheng


Report and interview in the:
(Hangzhou Magazine), No.023, 2007|09|13