N E X T   S H O W


F O R E S T I V A L   2 0 2 4
[ Group exhibition ]

June 15 – 23, 2024

Lahnstein, GER

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L O O K   I N T O   M Y   I C E

[ Group exhibition ]

July 5 August 18, 2024

Tartu, EST

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I C E   D I A M O N D S

[ Intervention in public space ]

July 12 14, 2024

Iceland, IS

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     A R C T I C   I C E

Scientists assume that the Arctic will be completely free of ice in summer 2035

This artwork deals with the disappearance of Arctic ice in times of global warming. The sculpture's inscription refers to the oldest ice on earth, which was found in the Antarctic and is dated to 2.7 million years before Christ, as well as to the Arctic polar ice, which according to scientists will have completely disappeared in summer 2035.


Tombstone made of ice

Through the melting process, the sculpture makes the loss of ice tangible - even today.

Ice | 70 × 50 × 12 cm     
Hamburg, GER | 2024